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Table 3 Linear correlation of RV-PA coupling-unit parameters

From: Prognostic value of mean velocity at the pulmonary artery estimated by cardiovascular magnetic resonance as a prognostic predictor in a cohort of patients with new-onset heart failure with reduced ejection fraction

CMR-derived variablesPearson correlation-coefficientp-value
MvPA – PVR (WU)−0.785< 0.001
MvPA- Emax/Ea−0.2050.003
MvPA – PA pulsatility (%)+ 0.351< 0.001
MvPA – RVEF (%)+ 0.290< 0.001
Echocardiographic variablesPearson correlation-coefficientp-value
mvPA – TAPSE (mm)+ 0.1160.211
mvPA – TAPSE/PAPs ratio (mm/mmHg)+ 0.1610.133
RHC variablesPearson correlation-coefficientp-value
PA compliance (ml/mmHg)+ 0.4550.008
Pulse pressure (mmHg)−0.4330.004
  1. CMR cardiovascular magnetic resonance. Ea effective elastance. Emax right ventricular maximal end-systolic elastance. mvPA mean velocity at the pulmonary artery. PA pulmonary artery. PVR pulmonary vascular resistance. RHC right heart catheterisation. RVEF right ventricular ejection fraction. TAPSE tricuspid annular plane excursion. WU wood units