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Table 4 Univariate and multivariate Cox regression analysis for the prediction of the primary combined endpoint

From: Prognostic value of mean velocity at the pulmonary artery estimated by cardiovascular magnetic resonance as a prognostic predictor in a cohort of patients with new-onset heart failure with reduced ejection fraction

Univariate analysis
VariableHR(95% CI)p-value
Clinical variables:
Sex, male (n,%)0.832(0.589–1.933)0.832
Age (years)1.017(0.994–1.039)0.147
Arterial hypertension (n,%)1.171(0.655–2.091)0.595
Dyslipidemia (n,%)1.302(0.751–2.258)0.347
Diabetes mellitus (n,%)1.793(1.024–3.139)0.041
Smoker (n,%)1.391(0.776–2.493)0.268
NYHA functional class III-IV/IV2.077(1.508–2.863)<  0.001
Previous coronary artery disease (n,%)1.698(0.907–3.180)0.098
Ischemic vs non-ischemic cardiomyopathy (n,%)2.226(1.248–3.970)0.007
Atrial fibrillation (n,%)1.337(0.737–2.427)0.339
Stage 3–4 renal failure (eGFR< 50 ml/min/1.73m2)2.224(0.898–5.509)0.084
Sodium (mEq/L)0.933(0.852–1.021)0.131
NT-proBNP (pg/mL)0.997(0.891–1.011)0.880
LVEF (%)0.994(0.965–1.025)0.711
TAPSE (mm)0.963(0.886–1.046)0.370
SPAP (mmHg)1.014(0.991–1.038)0.243
TAPSE/SPAP (mm/mmHg)0.163(0.015–1.791)0.138
LVEF (%)0.984(0.957–1.012)0.265
RVEF (%)1.007(0.989–1.025)0.448
LGE presence (n,%)1.310(0.715–2.398)0.382
LGE ischemic-pattern (n, %)1.994(1.036–3.840)0.039
LGE non-ischemic pattern(n,%)0.598(0.314–1.139)0.118
MvPA ≤9 cm/s2.557(1.459–4.482)0.001
CMR – PVR (WU)1.132(1.007–1.272)0.038
Minimal PA-area (cm2)1.215(1.043–1.415)0.012
Maximal PA-area (cm2)1.180(1.032–1.350)0.016
PA pulsatility (%)0.220(0.035–1.382)0.106
Multivariate Cox Regression analysis
VariableHR (95% CI)P-Value
Diabetes mellitus (n,%)1.261(0.775–2.051)0.351
NYHA functional class III-IV/IV2.957(1.841–4.750)< 0.001
Stage 3–4 renal failure (eGFR< 50 ml/min/1.73m2)2.113(1.144–3.904)0.017
Ischemic vs non-ischemic cardiomyopathy (n,%)1.737(1.072–2.816)0.025
MvPA ≤9 cm/s1.782(1.105–2.874)0.018
  1. CI confidence interval. CMR cardiovascular magnetic resonance. Ea effective elastance. Emax right ventricular maximal end-systolic elastance. eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate. HR hazard ratio. LGE late gadolinium enhancement. LVEF left ventricular ejection fraction. mvPA mean velocity at the pulmonary artery. NYHA New York Heart Association. PVR pulmonary vascular resistance. RVEF right ventricular ejection fraction. TAPSE tricuspid annular plane excursion. WU wood units