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Table 1 Characteristics of the Study Population

From: A direct comparison of 3 T contrast-enhanced whole-heart coronary cardiovascular magnetic resonance angiography to dual-source computed tomography angiography for detection of coronary artery stenosis: a single-center experience

Age (y)60.2 ± 6.7
Sex, male/female38/13
BMI, kg/m224.8 ± 2.1
Hypertension, n (%)20 (39%)
Hypercholesterolemia, n (%)35 (69%)
Diabetes mellitus, n (%)19 (37%)
Current or prior cigarette smoking, n (%)20 (39%)
Prior myocardial infarction, n (%)16 (31%)
Family history of CAD15 (29%)
Stenosis on x-ray coronary angiography
  1. Values are n (%) or mean ± SD
  2. CAD coronary artery disease, BMI body mass index