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Table 4 LV and RV specific threshold values for the differentiation between healthy controls and stage A versus subclinical dysfunction and between asymptomatic and symptomatic heart failure

From: Left and right ventricular strain using fast strain-encoded cardiovascular magnetic resonance for the diagnostic classification of patients with chronic non-ischemic heart failure due to dilated, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or cardiac amyloidosis

Parameters Healthy or ‘at risk’ versus subclinical disease Subclinical versus symptomatic disease Clinically stable versus refractory heart failure
LVEF (%) 57% 42% 35%
%normal LV myocardium 76% 46% 14%
MAPSE (mm) 12 8 5
RVEF (%) 58% 48% 32%
%normal RV myocardium 80% 50% 9%
TAPSE (mm) 23 19 15