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Fig. 6

From: In vivo calibration of the T2* cardiovascular magnetic resonance method at 1.5 T for estimation of cardiac iron in a minipig model of transfusional iron overload

Fig. 6

taken from cardiac septum (anteroseptal region) from 16  minipigs for assessment of chemical CIC by ICP. Biopsies were taken immediately after final CMR session, performed after completed iron loading. Fourteen of the 16 pigs had been dextran-iron loaded from 10.5 to 22 months by weekly intramuscular dextran-iron injections, and 2 had not (control  pig). Weekly dextran-iron dose was from 5 to 140 mg Fe/kg BW. a Displays the relationship of cardiac R2* to chemical CIC, investigated by classical linear regression analysis, leading to the calibration equation [CIC] = (R2* −  17.19)/31.82 with CIC in mg/g DW and R2* in Hz. In b non-parametric regression analysis was used (Passing and Bablok), leading to the calibration equation [CIC] = (R2* − 16.71)/31.33. Solid lines represent the regression lines and dotted lines display their confidence interval. c Displays the same data as in panel A and B, but the individual cardiac R2* measurements are given with error bars (mean of triplicate measurements ± SD)

Calibration of cardiac T2* with full-wall biopsies. Full-wall biopsies were

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