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Table 1 Image quality scoring system

From: Improved catheter tracking during cardiovascular magnetic resonance-guided cardiac catheterization using overlay visualization

Score Visualization of cardiac structures Blood pool and balloon contrast Suitability for iCMR guidance
1—Poor Unable to differentiate cardiovascular structures Impossible to differentiate balloon and blood pool Insufficient visualization of the balloon or cardiovascular structures to carry out the procedure
2—Low Cardiovascular structures can be slightly intuited Differentiation of blood and balloon difficult to perform Challenging to navigate catheter due to insufficient image quality
3—Intermediate Cardiovascular structures can be delineated Adequate signal disparity Sufficient visualization
4—Good Good definition of cardiovascular structures Differentiation of blood and balloon easily performed Catheter easily navigated throughout procedure
5—Excellent Optimal cardiovascular structure delineation Excellent contrast between blood and balloon High confidence in catheters location
  1. iCMR interventional cardiovascular magnetic resonance