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Table 1 Definitions for Magnitude of Change

From: Baseline correction of phase-contrast images in congenital cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Variable Clinically Significant Change Marked Change
MPA or AAO flow ≥ 0.5 L/min/m2 ≥ 1.0 L/min/m2
RPA or LPA flow ≥ 0.25 L/min/m2 ≥ 0.5 L/min/m2
Q P /Q S ≥ 0.4 ≥ 0.8
Q P R fraction =≥10% ≥ 20%
PR or AR fraction ≥ 10% ≥ 20%
  1. AAO-Ascending Aorta, AR-Aortic Regurgitation, LPA-Left Pulmonary Artery, MPA-Main Pulmonary Artery, PR-Pulmonary Regurgitation, QP-Pulmonary blood flow, QS-Systemic blood flow, QPR-Right pulmonary blood flow as a percent of total pulmonary blood flow, RPA-Right Pulmonary Artery