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  1. Research

    Left ventricular geometry predicts ventricular tachyarrhythmia in patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction: a comprehensive cardiovascular magnetic resonance study

    Most patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) implantation fail to utilize the device resulting in increasing societal costs and patient exposure to device morbidity. We sought to determine w...

    Shiro Nakamori, Haisam Ismail, Long H. Ngo, Warren J. Manning and Reza Nezafat

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:79

    Published on: 23 October 2017

  2. Research

    Fully quantitative cardiovascular magnetic resonance myocardial perfusion ready for clinical use: a comparison between cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography

    Recent studies have shown that quantification of myocardial perfusion (MP) at stress and myocardial perfusion reserve (MPR) offer additional diagnostic and prognostic information compared to qualitative and se...

    Henrik Engblom, Hui Xue, Shahnaz Akil, Marcus Carlsson, Cecilia Hindorf, Jenny Oddstig, Fredrik Hedeer, Michael S. Hansen, Anthony H. Aletras, Peter Kellman and Håkan Arheden

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:78

    Published on: 19 October 2017

  3. Research

    Assessment of local pulse wave velocity distribution in mice using k-t BLAST PC-CMR with semi-automatic area segmentation

    Local aortic pulse wave velocity (PWV) is a measure for vascular stiffness and has a predictive value for cardiovascular events. Ultra high field CMR scanners allow the quantification of local PWV in mice, how...

    Volker Herold, Stefan Herz, Patrick Winter, Fabian Tobias Gutjahr, Kristina Andelovic, Wolfgang Rudolf Bauer and Peter Michael Jakob

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:77

    Published on: 16 October 2017

  4. Research

    Prognostic utility of differential tissue characterization of cardiac neoplasm and thrombus via late gadolinium enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance among patients with advanced systemic cancer

    Late gadolinium enhancement (LGE-) cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) is well-validated for cardiac mass (CMASS) tissue characterization to differentiate neoplasm (CNEO) from thrombus (CTHR): Prognostic impl...

    Angel T. Chan, Andrew J. Plodkowski, Shawn C. Pun, Yuliya Lakhman, Darragh F. Halpenny, Jiwon Kim, Samantha R. Goldburg, Mathew J. Matasar, Chaya S. Moskowitz, Dipti Gupta, Richard Steingart and Jonathan W. Weinsaft

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:76

    Published on: 12 October 2017

  5. Review

    Clinical recommendations for cardiovascular magnetic resonance mapping of T1, T2, T2* and extracellular volume: A consensus statement by the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) endorsed by the European Association for Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI)

    Parametric mapping techniques provide a non-invasive tool for quantifying tissue alterations in myocardial disease in those eligible for cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR). Parametric mapping with CMR now...

    Daniel R. Messroghli, James C. Moon, Vanessa M. Ferreira, Lars Grosse-Wortmann, Taigang He, Peter Kellman, Julia Mascherbauer, Reza Nezafat, Michael Salerno, Erik B. Schelbert, Andrew J. Taylor, Richard Thompson, Martin Ugander, Ruud B. van Heeswijk and Matthias G. Friedrich

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:75

    Published on: 9 October 2017

  6. Research

    Measurement of myocardial native T1 in cardiovascular diseases and norm in 1291 subjects

    Native T1-mapping provides quantitative myocardial tissue characterization for cardiovascular diseases (CVD), without the need for gadolinium. However, its translation into clinical practice is hindered by dif...

    Joanna M. Liu, Alexander Liu, Joana Leal, Fiona McMillan, Jane Francis, Andreas Greiser, Oliver J. Rider, Saul Myerson, Stefan Neubauer, Vanessa M. Ferreira and Stefan K. Piechnik

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:74

    Published on: 28 September 2017

  7. Research

    Representation of cardiovascular magnetic resonance in the AHA / ACC guidelines

    Whereas evidence supporting the diagnostic value of cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) has increased, there exists significant worldwide variability in the clinical utilization of CMR. A recent study demo...

    Florian von Knobelsdorff-Brenkenhoff, Guenter Pilz and Jeanette Schulz-Menger

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:70

    Published on: 25 September 2017

  8. Research

    Extra-cellular expansion in the normal, non-infarcted myocardium is associated with worsening of regional myocardial function after acute myocardial infarction

    Expansion of the myocardial extracellular volume (ECV) is a surrogate measure of focal/diffuse fibrosis and is an independent marker of prognosis in chronic heart disease. Changes in ECV may also occur after m...

    Pankaj Garg, David A. Broadbent, Peter P. Swoboda, James R.J. Foley, Graham J. Fent, Tarique A. Musa, David P. Ripley, Bara Erhayiem, Laura E. Dobson, Adam K. McDiarmid, Philip Haaf, Ananth Kidambi, Saul Crandon, Pei G. Chew, R. J. van der Geest, John P. Greenwood…

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:73

    Published on: 25 September 2017

  9. Research

    Age and sex corrected normal reference values of T1, T2 T2* and ECV in healthy subjects at 3T CMR

    Myocardial T1, T2 and T2* imaging techniques become increasingly used in clinical practice. While normal values for T1, T2 and T2* times are well established for 1.5 Tesla (T) cardiovascular magnetic resonance...

    Clotilde Roy, Alisson Slimani, Christophe de Meester, Mihaela Amzulescu, Agnès Pasquet, David Vancraeynest, Jean-Louis Vanoverschelde, Anne-Catherine Pouleur and Bernhard L. Gerber

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:72

    Published on: 21 September 2017

  10. Research

    A novel multiparametric imaging approach to acute myocarditis using T2-mapping and CMR feature tracking

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic potential of a novel cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) based multiparametric imaging approach in suspected myocarditis and to compare it to traditiona...

    Bettina Baeßler, Melanie Treutlein, Frank Schaarschmidt, Christian Stehning, Bernhard Schnackenburg, Guido Michels, David Maintz and Alexander C. Bunck

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:71

    Published on: 21 September 2017

  11. Research

    Feasibility of detecting myocardial infarction in the sheep fetus using late gadolinium enhancement CMR imaging

    Late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging has enabled the accurate assessment of myocardial infarction (MI). However, LGE CMR has not been performed successfully in the ...

    An Qi Duan, Mitchell C. Lock, Sunthara Rajan Perumal, Jack R. Darby, Jia Yin Soo, Joseph B. Selvanayagam, Christopher K. Macgowan, Mike Seed and Janna L. Morrison

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:69

    Published on: 13 September 2017

  12. Research

    Diagnostic performance of image navigated coronary CMR angiography in patients with coronary artery disease

    The use of coronary MR angiography (CMRA) in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) remains limited due to the long scan times, unpredictable and often non-diagnostic image quality secondary to respirator...

    Markus Henningsson, Joy Shome, Konstantinos Bratis, Miguel Silva Vieira, Eike Nagel and Rene M. Botnar

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:68

    Published on: 11 September 2017

  13. Research

    Aortic atheroma as a source of stroke – assessment of embolization risk using 3D CMR in stroke patients and controls

    It was our purpose to identify vulnerable plaques in the thoracic aorta using 3D multi-contrast CMR and estimate the risk of cerebral embolization using 4D flow CMR in cryptogenic stroke patients and controls.

    Thomas Wehrum, Iulius Dragonu, Christoph Strecker, Florian Schuchardt, Anja Hennemuth, Johann Drexl, Thomas Reinhard, Daniel Böhringer, Werner Vach, Jürgen Hennig and Andreas Harloff

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:67

    Published on: 6 September 2017

  14. Research

    Radiation-free CMR diagnostic heart catheterization in children

    Children with heart disease may require repeated X-Ray cardiac catheterization procedures, are more radiosensitive, and more likely to survive to experience oncologic risks of medical radiation. Cardiovascular...

    Kanishka Ratnayaka, Joshua P. Kanter, Anthony Z. Faranesh, Elena K. Grant, Laura J. Olivieri, Russell R. Cross, Ileen F. Cronin, Karin S. Hamann, Adrienne E. Campbell-Washburn, Kendall J. O’Brien, Toby Rogers, Michael S. Hansen and Robert J. Lederman

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:65

    Published on: 6 September 2017

  15. Research

    Feature tracking CMR reveals abnormal strain in preclinical arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia/ cardiomyopathy: a multisoftware feasibility and clinical implementation study

    Regional right ventricular (RV) dysfunction is the hallmark of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia/Cardiomyopathy (ARVD/C), but is currently only qualitatively evaluated in the clinical setting. Feature...

    Mimount Bourfiss, Davis M. Vigneault, Mounes Aliyari Ghasebeh, Brittney Murray, Cynthia A. James, Crystal Tichnell, Firdaus A. Mohamed Hoesein, Stefan L. Zimmerman, Ihab R. Kamel, Hugh Calkins, Harikrishna Tandri, Birgitta K. Velthuis, David A. Bluemke and Anneline S. J. M. te Riele

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:66

    Published on: 1 September 2017

  16. Technical notes

    Dark-blood late gadolinium enhancement without additional magnetization preparation

    This study evaluates a novel dark-blood late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) method, without using additional magnetization preparation, and compares it to conventi...

    Robert J. Holtackers, Amedeo Chiribiri, Torben Schneider, David M. Higgins and René M. Botnar

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:64

    Published on: 23 August 2017

  17. Technical notes

    T1-refBlochi: high resolution 3D post-contrast T1 myocardial mapping based on a single 3D late gadolinium enhancement volume, Bloch equations, and a reference T1

    High resolution 3D T1 mapping is important for assessment of diffuse myocardial fibrosis in left atrium or other thin-walled structures. In this work, we investigated a fast single-TI 3D high resolution T1 map...

    Chenxi Hu, Albert J. Sinusas, Steffen Huber, Stephanie Thorn, Mitchel R. Stacy, Hamid Mojibian and Dana C. Peters

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:63

    Published on: 18 August 2017

  18. Technical notes

    Improved passive catheter tracking with positive contrast for CMR-guided cardiac catheterization using partial saturation (pSAT)

    Cardiac catheterization is a common procedure in patients with congenital heart disease (CHD). Although cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) represents a promising alternative approach to fluoroscop...

    Mari Nieves Velasco Forte, Kuberan Pushparajah, Tobias Schaeffter, Israel Valverde Perez, Kawal Rhode, Bram Ruijsink, Mazen Alhrishy, Nicholas Byrne, Amedeo Chiribiri, Tevfik Ismail, Tarique Hussain, Reza Razavi and Sébastien Roujol

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:60

    Published on: 15 August 2017

  19. Research

    Sources of variability in quantification of cardiovascular magnetic resonance infarct size - reproducibility among three core laboratories

    Acute myocardial infarct (AMI) size depicted by late gadolinium enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) is increasingly used as an efficacy endpoint in randomized trials comparing AMI therapies. In...

    Igor Klem, Einar Heiberg, Lowie Van Assche, Michele A. Parker, Han W. Kim, John D. Grizzard, Håkan Arheden and Raymond J. Kim

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:62

    Published on: 11 August 2017

  20. Research

    Patterns of CMR measured longitudinal strain and its association with late gadolinium enhancement in patients with cardiac amyloidosis and its mimics

    Regional variability of longitudinal strain (LS) has been previously described with echocardiography in patients with cardiac amyloidosis (CA), however, the reason for this variability is not completely eviden...

    Lynne K. Williams, Julian F. Forero, Zoran B. Popovic, Dermot Phelan, Diego Delgado, Harry Rakowski, Bernd J. Wintersperger and Paaladinesh Thavendiranathan

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:61

    Published on: 7 August 2017

  21. Research

    Automated assessments of circumferential strain from cine CMR correlate with LVEF declines in cancer patients early after receipt of cardio-toxic chemotherapy

    In patients with cancer receiving potentially cardio-toxic chemotherapy, measurements of left ventricular (LV) circumferential or longitudinal strain are often used clinically to identify myocardial dysfunctio...

    Marie-Pierre Jolly, Jennifer H. Jordan, Giselle C. Meléndez, Gary R. McNeal, Ralph B. D’Agostino Jr and W. Gregory Hundley

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:59

    Published on: 2 August 2017

  22. Research

    Synthetic hematocrit derived from the longitudinal relaxation of blood can lead to clinically significant errors in measurement of extracellular volume fraction in pediatric and young adult patients

    Extracellular volume fraction (ECV) is altered in pathological cardiac remodeling and predicts death and arrhythmia. ECV can be quantified using cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) T1 mapping but calculati...

    Frank J. Raucci Jr, David A. Parra, Jason T. Christensen, Lazaro E. Hernandez, Larry W. Markham, Meng Xu, James C. Slaughter and Jonathan H. Soslow

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:58

    Published on: 2 August 2017

  23. Research

    Quantification of both the area-at-risk and acute myocardial infarct size in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction using T1-mapping

    A comprehensive cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) in reperfused ST-segment myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients can be challenging to perform and can be time-consuming. We aimed to investigate whether ...

    Heerajnarain Bulluck, Matthew Hammond-Haley, Marianna Fontana, Daniel S. Knight, Alex Sirker, Anna S. Herrey, Charlotte Manisty, Peter Kellman, James C. Moon and Derek J. Hausenloy

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:57

    Published on: 1 August 2017

  24. Research

    Quantification of myocardium at risk in ST- elevation myocardial infarction: a comparison of contrast-enhanced steady-state free precession cine cardiovascular magnetic resonance with coronary angiographic jeopardy scores

    Clinical outcome following acute myocardial infarction is predicted by final infarct size evaluated in relation to left ventricular myocardium at risk (MaR). Contrast-enhanced steady-state free precession (CE-...

    Rodney De Palma, Peder Sörensson, Dinos Verouhis, John Pernow and Nawzad Saleh

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:55

    Published on: 27 July 2017

  25. Research

    Impact of bileaflet mitral valve prolapse on quantification of mitral regurgitation with cardiac magnetic resonance: a single-center study

    To quantify mitral regurgitation (MR) with CMR, the regurgitant volume can be calculated as the difference between the left ventricular (LV) stroke volume (SV) measured with the Simpson’s method and the refere...

    Gabriella Vincenti, Pier Giorgio Masci, Tobias Rutz, Jonathan De Blois, Milan Prša, Xavier Jeanrenaud, Juerg Schwitter and Pierre Monney

    Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2017 19:56

    Published on: 27 July 2017

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