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Figure 4

From: Assessment of intramyocardial hemorrhage by T1-weighted cardiovascular magnetic resonance in reperfused acute myocardial infarction

Figure 4

Short-axis CMR images and corresponding pathology obtained five days following ischemic reperfusion injury. No hyper intense region is present on the T1W IR image (A), whereas a hypo intense core region (arrows) can be detected on the T2-STIR (B) and T2*W images (C). The LGE image (D) reveals substantial scar formation corresponding to the hypo intense T2-STIR/T2*W areas. Inside the LGE hyper intense area, a dark region is present (dashed arrow) indicative of MVO. The pathology image (E) confirms that no intramyocardial hemorrhage (arrows) is present in the antero-septal myocardium.

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