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Figure 2

From: Design and rationale of the MR-INFORM study: stress perfusion cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging to guide the management of patients with stable coronary artery disease

Figure 2

MR-INFORM cardiac magnetic resonance protocol. After individual patient planning using survey scans, intravenous adenosine is given according to the protocol. First pass stress perfusion imaging is done during stress visualizing the first passage of a 0.75 mmol/kg contrast agent bolus through the myocardium. Short axis (SA) cine images are acquired. Rest perfusion images are acquired during an injection of a second bolus of 0.75 mmol/kg contrast agent. 10 minutes after an additional injection of 0.05 mmol/kg of contrast agent to increase the total dose of contrast agent to 0.2 mmol/kg is given. A modified Look-Locker inversion time scout is performed prior to late gadolinium enhancement imaging in short axis and long axis views. During the wait time after the last contrast agent injection long axis images in the 4 chamber, 3 chamber and the 2 chamber views are obtained.

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