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Figure 3

From: Feasibility of quantification of the distribution of blood flow in the normal human fetal circulation using CMR: a cross-sectional study

Figure 3

Fetal flows measured in the major vessels by PC MR with MOG, indexed by weight. Boxes indicate 1st and 3rd quartiles (Q1 and Q3, shown as lower and upper edges of the box) and 2nd quartile (median, shown as band within the box). Upper and lower whiskers mark minimum and maximum values with the range Q1-1.5(Q3-Q1) to Q3+1.5(Q3-Q1). Outliers are marked with an X. MPA- main pulmonary artery, DAo- descending aorta, DA- ductus arteriosus, AAo- ascending aorta, SVC- superior vena cava, UV- umbilical vein, PBF- pulmonary blood flow, FO- foramen ovale.

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