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Table 2 Typical arterial segments involved in the major primary vasculitides

From: CMR in inflammatory vasculitis

  Thoracic Aorta Abdominal Aorta Pulmonary Arteries Carotid Arteries Upper Extremities Mesenteric arteries Renal arteries Lower Extremities Coronary Arteries
Giant cell arteritis X X   X X     
Takayasu arteritis X X X X X     
Polyarteritis nodosa       X X   
Kawasaki disease          X
Behçet disease    X      X  
  1. The most common conditions prompting referral for MR examination are shown with X indicating typically-involved segments of the extracranial arterial tree. This scope warrants consideration when prescribing the imaging protocol. Note that atypical manifestations have been reported in virtually all vessel territories for these disorders.