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Table 2 Correlations between infarct characteristics and glucose characteristics:

From: Larger infarct size associated with dysglycemia at the time of ST-elevation myocardial infarction is related to later presentation

  Glucose HbA1c
Peak CK R=0.152 P=0.267 R=0.120 P=0.393
ECG resolution % R=-0.393 P=0.003 R=-0.352 P=0.010
Time to reperfusion R=0.185 P=0.177 R=0.334 P=0.015
Age R=0.361 P=0.007 R=0.184 P=0.188
IS% R=0.296 P=0.028 R=0.152 P=0.277
MVO% R=0.259 P=0.056 R=0.199 P=0.152
IMH% R=0.187 P=0.176 R=0.292 P=0.036
AAR% R=0.128 P=0.358 R=-0.176 P=0.213
MSI% R=-0.187 P=0.176 R=-0.399 P=0.003
  1. IS=Infarct size, MVO=microvascular obstruction, IMH=intramyocardial hemorrhage, AAR=Area at risk, MSI= Myocardial Salvage Index.