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Figure 1

From: Right ventricular (RV) velocity measurements using high resolution spiral myocardial phase velocity mapping (PVM)

Figure 1

Peak velocities are at the lower end of the healthy subject range defined by previous TDI studies [2]; this is likely to be due to reduced temporal resolution and to averaging the longitudinal velocities over the entire free wall instead of in a small region of interest. (a) Example magnitude images (left) and velocity maps (right) at the time of peak systolic (S, top) and peak early diastolic (ED, bottom) velocity. (b) Example RV wall average velocity-time curve. The 5 phases of right ventricular motion (isovolumic contraction (IC), systole (S), isovolumic relaxation (IR), early diastole (ED) and late diastole (LD)) observed with TDI [2] can clearly be seen.

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