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Table 1 Test performance parameters used in the effectiveness calculations

From: Comparative cost-effectiveness analyses of cardiovascular magnetic resonance and coronary angiography combined with fractional flow reserve for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease

Abbreviation Description Parameter value
Test to yield anatomical information (= detection of diameter reduction ≥50%)
Sn CXA Sensitivity of CXA 1
Sp CXA Specificity of CXA 1
Sn FFR Sensitivity of FFR 1
Sp FFR Specificity of FFR 1
R CXA Rate of complications with invasive CXA 0.0005 [27]
Test to yield ischemia information (=detection of myocardial ischemia)
Sn CMR Sensitivity of CMR (≥2 segments positive vs FFR ≤ 0.75) 0.88 [31]
Sp CMR Specificity of CMR (≥2 segments positive vs FFR ≤ 0.75) 0.90 [31]
NDx Non diagnostic rate for CMR 0.05 [32]
R F Rate of complications per 10-year follow-up period for patients with CAD and false-negative tests 0.15 [27]