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Figure 4

From: Prediction of long-term segmental and global functional recovery of hibernating myocardium after revascularisation based on low dose dobutamine and late gadolinium enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Figure 4

Example of CMR viability and follow-up studies in a patient with significant improvement in LVEF (52 year old male without previous MI, LVEF at baseline ~24%, and three vessel disease). There is severe hypokinesia in the anterior and inferior walls at baseline (first column). Six months after revascularisation (complete revascularisation after CABG, 5 distal anastomoses) there is functional recovery in all segments of the anterior and inferior walls (second column), with LVEF ~41%. Thirty-five months after revascularisation the contractile function of the anterior and inferior walls is normal, with LVEF ~48%. There is no LGE in the above-mentioned segments (fourth column).

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