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Table 1 Parameter ranges of the two exchanging metabolites of the CK reaction used to determine the spill-over corrected formulae for cardiac TRiST and TwiST at 3 Tesla

From: Two repetition time saturation transfer (TwiST) with spill-over correction to measure creatine kinase reaction rates in human hearts

Parameter Min Max Fixed
PCr/ATP 1 2  
intrinsic T1,PCr [s] 6.5 9.5  
intrinsic T1, γ-ATP [s] 2 3.5  
T2,PCr [s]    0.2
T2, γ-ATP [s]    0.05
kf [s−1] 0.1 0.4  
DANTE β [°] 0.8 4.0  
Δf [Hz]    130