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Fig. 4

From: Parallel simulations for QUAntifying RElaxation magnetic resonance constants (SQUAREMR): an example towards accurate MOLLI T1 measurements

Fig. 4

Comparison between SQUAREMR and conventional MOLLI post-processing (FLASH-based) for the myocardial phantom set. Each row of plots represents a separate MOLLI acquisition scheme. The left column shows the deviation of the measured T1 values of the phantoms with SQUAREMR (black rectangles) and with conventional (i.e. FLASH-based Look Locker correction factor) MOLLI post-processing (open circles) from the line of identity (gray line). The right column shows the corresponding modified Bland Altman plots for both methods (solid horizontal lines represent the means, dashed horizontal lines represent the 95 % confidence limits). Compared to conventional MOLLI post-processing, SQUAREMR presented high accuracy and a similar behavior across the different MOLLI schemes

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