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Table 3 Most common pulse sequence descriptions performed

From: The global cardiovascular magnetic resonance registry (GCMR) of the society for cardiovascular magnetic resonance (SCMR): its goals, rationale, data infrastructure, and current developments

Pulse sequence Percentage (%)
Cine SSFP 92
T2W FSE 33
T2 Map 8
T1 Mapping 26
Double inversion Fast Spin Echo 16
Phase Contrast Imaging 18
T2 Star 10
Tagging 8
Coronary MRA using navigator 5
Late gadolinium enhancement 73
Rest Perfusion 64
Adenosine Vasodilating Perfusion 16
Dobutamine Stress Studies 2
Regadenoson Vasodilating Perfusion 8
Dipyridamole Vasodilating Perfusion 4