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Table 1 Classification of patients with suspected myocarditis according to clinical criteria [22]

From: A novel multiparametric imaging approach to acute myocarditis using T2-mapping and CMR feature tracking

  Myocarditis patients (n = 67)
Clinical symptoms consistent with myocarditis [%] 100
 Acute chest pain 71
 New-onset (days up to 3 months) or worsening of: dyspnea at rest or exercise / fatigue, with or without left and/or right heart failure signs 40
 Palpitations / arrhythmia symptoms / syncope / aborted sudden cardiac death 12
 Cardiogenic shock 2
Diagnostic criteria consistent with myocarditis [%] 100
 ECG / Holter / stress test features 82
 Elevated TnT/TnI 55
 Functional and structural abnormalities on cardiac imaging (echo/angio/CMR) 32
Exclusion of coronary artery disease (CAD) [%] 100
 Cardiac catheterization 51
 Cardiac computed tomography angiography 41
 Clinically (young patients) 8