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Table 3 Independent correlates of left ventricular mass-to-volume ratio

From: Comparison of different methods for the estimation of aortic pulse wave velocity from 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance

 Model AModel B
βRβRSignificant correlates
Cf-PWV0.0380.39**0.0370.667***Cf-PWV*, Gender***
S2-TTw0.0280.52***0.0240.672***S2-TTw*, Gender**
S30.0320.47***0.0270.670***S3*, Gender**
  1. Cf-PWV carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity, S2-TTw PWV estimated with Strategy 2 considering the, wavelets transform transit time, S3 pulse wave velocity estimated with plane fitting. β estimated coefficient, R correlation coefficient. Model A univariate regression of association between pulse wave velocity measures with LV mass-to-volume ratio (LVM/EDV). Model B Model A + adjustment for age, gender (male), body mass index and systolic blood pressure. Levels of significance were indicated by *** for p < 0.001, ** for p < 0.01, * for p < 0.05