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Fig. 1

From: The relative contributions of myocardial perfusion, blood volume and extracellular volume to native T1 and native T2 at rest and during adenosine stress in normal physiology

Fig. 1

Timeline of the CMR scanning protocol. Scouts and cines were acquired first, followed by native T1 and T2 mapping at rest. Following 3 min of adenosine infusion, native T1 and T2 mapping were acquired, followed by first-pass perfusion imaging using gadobutrol (0.05 mmol/kg), which generated a perfusion map and a blood volume map. After the adenosine infusion was terminated, a 10-min pause followed to reach contrast equilibrium. First-pass perfusion images were acquired using gadobutrol (0.05 mmol/kg) at rest and an additional dose of gadobutrol (0.1 mmol/kg) was administered. Finally, post-contrast T1 map was acquired at rest, and at stress following 3 min of adenosine infusion

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