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Table 2 Interobserver correlation coefficients of both methods of imaging and the dedicated measurement points with values > 0.8 indicating excellent correlation

From: Imaging of the pulmonary vasculature in congenital heart disease without gadolinium contrast: Intraindividual comparison of a novel Compressed SENSE accelerated 3D modified REACT with 4D contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography

Modified REACT-non-CE-MRA0.99040.98660.97920.9350.9590.94570.9595
4D CE-MRA0.97780.98340.95940.91010.94780.8950.9347
  1. MPA = main pulmonary artery. RPA = right pulmonary artery. LPA = left pulmonary artery. RSPV = right superior pulmonary vein. RIPV = right inferior pulmonary vein. LSPV = left superior pulmonary vein. LIPV = left inferior pulmonary vein