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Table 4 Correlations between peak VO2 with cardiac and peripheral measures

From: Exercise cardiovascular magnetic resonance reveals reduced cardiac reserve in pediatric cancer survivors with impaired cardiopulmonary fitness

Measure R2 P-value
Peak exercise measures
 Peak CI 0.59 < 0.001
 Peak SVI 0.67 < 0.001
 a-vO2 diff 0.71 < 0.001
Resting measures
 LVEF 0.01 0.55
 LV FS 0.01 0.75
 Echocardiographic GLS −0.10 0.19
 CMR GLS −0.03 0.49
  1. Abbreviations: CI Cardiac index, a-vO2 diff Arterio-venous oxygen difference, LVEF Left ventricular ejection fraction, LVFS Left ventricular fractional shortening, GLS Global longitudinal strain, CMR Cardiovascular magnetic resonance