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Table 1 Terminology regarding the dimensions and components of CMR velocity acquisitions.

From: Comprehensive 4D velocity mapping of the heart and great vessels by cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Data acquisition method Abbreviated description Comment
3 dimensional, 3 directionally encoded, cine velocity acquisition 3D cine phase contrast,
3D cine velocity acquisition (more explicit)
4D velocity acquisition
(conveniently concise)
This is 'comprehensive' in the sense that all 3 directional components of velocity are measured with respect to all 3 spatial dimensions and the time course over the cardiac cycle.
2 dimensional, 1 directionally encoded (usually through-plane), cine velocity acquisition 2D cine phase contrast,
2D cine velocity mapping
Allows calculations of volume flow through a plane that transects a vessel.
  1. As there is a risk of ambiguity, for example by taking '3D' to mean '3 directionally encoded' rather '3 dimensional', we recommend that the fuller description (left hand column) is included in the abstract and methods section of any relevant publication. Variations are possible, such as 2 dimensional and 3 directionally encoded cine velocity acquisitions, which would need to be identified explicitly. It would be incorrect to use '4D' and confusing to use '3D' in such a case.