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Table 1 Validation against TTC in six pigs with chronic myocardial infarction

From: New automatic algorithm for segmentation of myocardial scar in both inversion recovery and phase sensitive inversion recovery late gadolinium enhancement: validation against TTC and in multi-center, multi-vendor patient data

  IR images PSIR images
  Bias to TTC [%LVM] R-value Bias to TTC [%LVM] R-value
New automatic algorithm -1 ± 1 0.98 -2 ± 2 0.94
Reference delineation -1 ± 1 0.996 0 ± 0 0.999
  1. Infarct size bias to TTC as % of LVM and correlation R-value for the new automatic algorithm and reference delineation in IR and PSIR images.